The Best Time To Travel To Australia

The Best Time To Travel To Australia

When planning for vacations in Australia, a great deal of thought should focus on the types of lodging in the places that they want to visit. Some lodging choices would be more beneficial than others because of the natural beauty the traveler will experience daily.

Some travelers want to visit several regions of Australia to get a feel of this gorgeous island paradise. Some will be lovers of the ocean and will find that the Gold Coast is a paradise for surfers, and they will typically select accommodations that are situated directly on the beach or with an overview of the coastline.

Because the Australian climate is so varied, there's always a variety of options for destinations and activities for your dream vacation. Planning your trip can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming as you try to decide where you would most like to go in this vast country and what you want to do when you get there, as well as where you will stay and also what sort of transportation you will need.

To see Australia, try and make time to see the east coast and the west coast. From the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Sydney to the laid back surf culture of the Gold Coast and the natural beauty of Perth in Western Australia, each state offers its unique glimpse of this huge island continent.

Use this list as a guide to choose the best time and places to travel when in Australia:

Sydney: the city for all seasons

  • From famous Bondi Beach to the tranquil Blue Mountains, to glittering Sydney Harbor and the thriving city center, Sydney has it all.

Transport: getting there and getting around

  • You can fly direct to Sydney from major international airports. Forty airlines are servicing Sydney airport, including all the major carriers such as Qantas, Virgin, and British Airways.
  • Sydney has a well-established rail and bus system that can take you all over the city and out to regional areas and interstate. The road system is modern and easy to navigate, and car hire is available at reasonable rates.

Climate: Sydney weather and seasonal variations

  • Sydney enjoys mild weather all year round. Australian seasons are the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. Its the perfect escape from a cold northern hemisphere winter!
  • Spring is from September to November. Summer is from December to February. Autumn is from March to May. Winter is from June to August. , so it can provide a great escape from a cold winter!

Accommodation: from cheap stays to luxury resorts

  • Booking accommodation is easy, with a huge range available. Check on the internet for the range, location, and cost of hotels in Sydney.

Events: there's always something going on in Sydney

  • Variety Club Annual Road Bash starts from Garden Island on August 5th on its way to the Northern Territory
  • Priscilla the Queen of the Desert – the iconic Australian Musical is on at the Lyric Theatre Star City Darling Harbor
  • Sydney Opera House has started its Winter Season
  • For the family, El Caballo Blanco is on at the Horse world Stadium on Saturday and Sunday nights it is a show with amazingly trained choreographed horses

Gold coast: surf, sand, fun, and excitement

  • If you're looking for a relaxing getaway with the family or an action-packed adventure with friends, a trip to Australia’s Gold Coast is a must.
  • It is just 80kms south of the major city of Brisbane, which has an international airport with flights from around the world daily. You can also fly direct from other Australian cities on the domestic routes to the Gold Coast airport. Taxis, car hire, trains, and buses are readily available.
  • From the miles of sparking beaches and nearby tropical rainforests to the famous high-rise city skyline and the incredible choice of major theme parks Dreamworld, Movie world, Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, Sea World, Wet n Wild and more the Gold Coast is Australia's playground.
  • Let’s not forget the world-famous Gold Coast Indy 300, where for four days and four nights in October, the streets around Southport transforms into a high-speed car racing track.
  • Gold Coast hotels and accommodation are available in a huge array of styles and budgets to suit everyone, and the weather is sunny almost 300 days a year, with temperature highs above 20C all year round. See you there!

Perth: Australia at its best

  • A major city buzzing with attractions surrounded by incredible beaches and outback wilderness, Perth truly is the best of both worlds. It's on the far western side of Australia and is well worth the trip.
  • Perth's International airport is the gateway to the vast West Coast of Australia, encompassing one-third of the entire continent. Shuttle buses hire cars and taxis operate regularly between Perth and Fremantle town centers and the airports. Tour buses are also available to guide you around all the popular sites and attractions. You can choose from a wide range of Perth hotels and accommodation options to match your budget.
  • Explore the secluded surf beaches running for miles up and down the west coast, relax at over 60 wineries in the Margaret River region just a few hours away, or escape on to the water and spot the Monkey Mia dolphins, go whale watching, snorkel over Ningaloo reef or visit the incredible Pinnacles.
  • Summer temperatures average between 29C and 32C during the day, perfect for a dip or surf, and winter temperatures average 18C during the day, ideal for a long lunch with the sun on your back.

Don’t forget the most important aspect of your trip, power to your electronic devices. In Australia, the power plugs and sockets are of type I. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

There will always be certain points of interest that no traveler to Australia will want to miss. Any travel involves a lot of details, and this trip will be no different! Enjoy!

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