US to Europe Travel Tips after Covid-19

Travelling Tips After Pandemic

With COVID vaccines on the rollout across the US and other countries globally, few European nations are looking to rekindle their travel and tourism program.

Although the list of countries open for travel is a lot less, it is expected others will follow the suit in due time.

Reportedly, the EU leaders have requested all its member states to issue a mandate for all travellers entering Europe to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test report, conducted within no less than 72 hours before the flight departure.

Additionally, all individuals traveling to Europe are required to spend time in quarantine, as well as participate in efforts tracing contact, along with submitting additional info for at least 14 days from their arrival.

The countries that are currently allowing visitors from the US and abroad include Iceland, Estonia, Georgia, Slovenia, and Greece. There are so many other things to consider before you travel outside of the USA  

This post discusses all necessary travel tips to help you keep safe when headed for Europe from the US after COVID-19

Don’t Miss Out on The Essentials

Considering traveling in unprecedented times, you will need to keep an inventory list for all essential items. Your list should, by all means, include a hand sanitizer (with 70 percent alcohol preferably), face masks (at least a couple of them), and disinfectant wipes among other items.

There can be instances when certain parts of the country are put under strict, no movement zone or a temporary lockdown. This could be a challenge when you are traveling and staying in hotels. Remember to purchase essential items like a European Travel Adapter which will help keep your devices juiced up. Especially, when we are relying on our smartphones to get plenty of tasks done– from calling a cab to ordering food, and more.

Remember, European wall outlets are pretty different from the US. Thus, for a first-time traveller thing can be a tad bit tricky. While you can always find Plug adapters in Europe, during a lockdown or restricted movement orders, you will have to stay in.

Hence, it is advised to invest in buying one beforehand.

One such great option is Ceptics travel plug adapters that can seamlessly charge all your electronic devices, no matter where you go.


Minimize Chances of Human Interaction

These are times when you are recommended to rely more on technology and automation compared to humans. For instance, accepting boarding passes from a machine and sanitizing your hands right after.

Also, while purchasing food and beverage from any retail outlet, try avoiding touching commonly used surfaces and maintain at least six feet distance from the serving staff.

While you pay for the food or drink, try using online channels of payment instead of cash.

Wrap Up

When you are out to enjoy your trip in such trying times, it is necessary that you follow maximum hygiene and safety tips.

If you sense a change in your body temperature or feel not so good, cancel your trip at once or rest up in a room and call for a doctor. Remember, we are still at war with COVID; don’t take your guard down just yet!

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