Travel Plug Adapters vs Voltage Converters

What’s the Difference Between an Adapter Plug and a Voltage Converter?

There is one key distinction between adapters and converters. An adapter adapts to new outlets while a converter or transformer converts the voltage of the outlet per-se.



When you’re traveling to a new country, the plugs on your devices probably won't match the outlets at your destination. An adapter is the best item to use in a situation like this. It not only adapts to the outlet but, in a way, it changes the structure of the outlet in order to connect your device.

Most common travel electronics are typically rated for worldwide voltage (input AC voltage range: 100-240V), so they should only require the use of an adapter. These items include cell phone chargers, tablet chargers, and laptop chargers. Read our adapter plug guide to select the right adapter for your next trip.



Did you know that more than half of the world uses a different AC voltage than what we use in North America? Europe, Asia, Australia, and several others have 220 - 240 volts coming out of their outlets while North America and parts of South America only have 110 - 120 volts.

So, if your electronic device is rated for single AC voltage, such as 120V only or 220V only, you’ll need to pair it with a voltage converter or transformer when traveling to a country with a different voltage. The role of the voltage converter is to make sure that your device is receiving the correct amount of voltage. To find the right voltage converter, check out our voltage converter guide.

Unsure, if your device is dual voltage or single voltage? quickly check here.

You’ve Got a Plane to Catch

The best thing to do before you travel is making a list of all the electronics you plan to bring on your trip. Next, check the voltage types on your devices. If you need assistance reading the voltage level on your device refer to our video "How to Tell If Your Appliance Is Dual Voltage." Then, select the proper adapter plug according to the destination you’re traveling to for your dual voltage electronics or appropriate voltage converter for your single voltage electronics. Bon voyage!

For more information, check out the full video on the difference between plug adapters and voltage converters below.

If you’re traveling the world, this means you’ll need to find the right adapter plug. And you can find it at - where every adapter has been made with your safety in mind so that we can connect the world.

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