Traveling Internationally with a Hair Dryer or Straightener

Will My Hair Dryer or Straightener Work in Europe?

Here’s the bad news, there is no short answer to this question.
The good news is we have all the information you’ll need right here.

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Step #1

First, you'll need to make sure that your hair dryer or straightener is dual voltage - many are. Just check the label and look for INPUT AC 120V - 240V (or a variation of that) or a switch that can be set to 125V or 250V. If that’s there, then you’re set and can move on to step #2.

If your hair dryer is 120V or 125V only then it will not work in Europe with just an adapter plug. You’ll need a proper voltage converter. Read our voltage guide to determine the correct size voltage converter. However, we highly recommend a dual voltage hair dryer for travel because the high-power travel voltage converters for hair dryers do not work very well and are only designed to work for a few minutes.

120V or 125V Only Devices

Is your straightener or flat iron 120V only? If so, look at the power requirement in W (watts) and see if it's less than 200W. Devices marked in that range are compatible with the Ceptics PU-200 travel voltage converter in Europe. Note that these voltage converters are not rated for high-power items such as hair dryers - which require more than 1600W.


Step #2

The next step is to find the right adapter. Different countries in Europe have different styles of outlets. Your hair dryer will most likely have a typical two-prong US plug format, so you’ll need an adapter with at least that type of input. All of the Ceptics travel adapters accept the standard US plug. Please refer to our country and adapter type chart to select the correct type of adapter for the country you’re visiting.

adapterDownload Country Adapter Chart

If you’re traveling the world, this means you’ll need to find the right adapter plug. And you can find it at - where every adapter has been made with your safety in mind so that we can connect the world.

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