Many of us live in different areas than the rest of our family. Some people live several states away from Mom and Dad, and some of us require flight time as part of our holiday ritual. For those of us that must travel to other countries during the holiday season, flying could be tougher than at other times of the year. Here are a few tips for world travel during the holidays.

Be Happy

First, keep your smiling face on during your airport experience. At the airport, the employees have all the answers, and they have all of the power. When you are already running late or sense the upcoming delay in your flight, it is easy to lose patience with these scrooges, but keeping your temper in check could be very beneficial. After all, everything that goes wrong in your life is not their fault; it just seems that way now.

Off-Peak Travel

If you have the opportunity, fly during off-peak hours. It may be a little inconvenient to have to leave out in the middle of the night, but it could mean beating a huge crowd of people at the airport. Plus, if you leave your home airport in the middle of the night, after the time differences (or the International Date Line) you may be arriving at your destination at a great time of day. Better yet, it could be discounted tickets for those “Red-Eye” flights.


Have something to do while you wait. Inevitably, on an international flight, you are going to have some delays here and there. It could be a four-hour layover in Denver or a 30-minute wait at the gate for the boarding to begin, but waits are highly likely. If you have something to read or something interesting to keep your mind busy and occupied, those wait times will seemingly pass by quickly. Plus, keeping your mind busy helps you to keep your patience, which takes us back to the number one tip of being nice to airport employees.

Stay Safe

Keep security in mind. Post 9/11, security has been greatly increased on all flights, both foreign and domestic. The best way to get thru smoothly is best for you to check as much of your baggage as possible and don’t pack things that you know will trigger an alarm of any kind. Wear shoes that are both comfortable and easily removed and replaced. Have all liquids pre-bagged and remove your coats or jackets before prompted. These little things will help speed the security process and keep your patience in check.

Ideas For Children

Traveling with children could make everything difficult. Keeping them happy is not always the easiest task on your list of things to do on your world travel. Think about how bored and agitated you get while having to wait in lines and terminals, then how bored you get on the plane, then multiply that by at least 20 that is how your kids feel. Keep them occupied with small, quiet toys, coloring books, handheld video games or DVD players, etc. Whatever will keep their attention and save your sanity.

Extra Packages

Ship your presents. I know it may seem like you could save money by just packing an extra suitcase and putting it on the plane with you, but in the long run, it really will be easier just to ship the gifts to grandma. Ship them several weeks in advance so that you know they get there before you ever leave the states. It is much less likely for the gifts to be lost by the postal services.

Arrive Early

Leave for the Airport with plenty of time left. You would rather wait at the airport than go through the nightmare of missing a flight. Leave room and time for unexpected eventualities. Some countries have terrible road traffic jams, especially during rush hours, plan to take your airport trips much earlier, mainly on your return journey as you might not be familiar with the road traffic in a country that is not your own.

Avoid Lay-Overs

Fly as direct as possible to avoid possible delays. Connecting flights can have delays that can last anywhere from hours to days. If you have flight options that have direct routes to your destination, take them up otherwise your holiday might be ruined before it even begins if you encounter a delay in your connecting flights that lasts for hours.

Travel light

Travel with less language, as less as what is necessary. When you are packing your clothes, shoes, and other items you need for the trip, ask yourself if you need that specific item. Park few clothes that are matching, comfortable and weather appropriate. Park comfortable shoes that are easy to put on and remove. 

Be nice

It seems too simplistic, but it can go a long way in making your trip experience pleasant. The airline and the hotel staff have most information you need and sometimes authority especially if you encounter any hiccups. A smile can go a long way in allowing a much needed instant connection. Most of these people work for long hours and busy schedules, and they don’t need any additional rude encounters from you just because you are impatient or tired. You are at the airport for only a short time, smile and be polite, it costs nothing but sometimes pas much.

Keep Your Cellphone Charged

Charge your cellphone to full charge and download your airline app to get alerts. There may be flight changes or delays. You need all the information at hand about your airline and your flight, and most apps allow you access to all that. And you will need your phone on your trip, so have if fully charged and carry all the accessories for recharging if.

Bring Your Comfortable Necessities 

Don’t forget to carry your neck cushion or, if you can, that small warm blanket. Some airlines no longer offer it for free, and the last thing you need is a flight where you are too cold to have your much-needed nap.

Important Numbers

Have phone numbers for everything; your Airline, car rental, friends at your destination and so forth. Anything can happen on the trip that can be easily resolved with a phone call. Save them on your phone or, better yet keep them in your notebook; you will never know when you need them. For example not finding the friend that promised to pick you up at the arrivals in a foreign country can lead to panic yet he/she could be just a phone call away. Save those phone contacts, please.

I hope these tips for world travel during the holidays have helped you to keep in check that temper that you know all too well. Keep in mind that everyone in the airport has a family and friends that they would like to spend the holiday with as well. Keep your attitude merry and bright!

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