Holiday travel is expensive! Gas prices are unpredictable, hotel rates can be high for the peak travel season, and rental cars are always more pricey than you'd like them to be. Thanks to online coupons, you may find a great deal of savings on the trips you have to make to friends, relatives, and loved ones. Why pay full price when you can print a coupon off the website?


In many cases, Internet coupons you'll find are affiliate discounts. Meaning you must Click Here and get referred to a site like, where your discount is applied thanks to your click. One-click here discount coupon at gives you fifteen dollars off a compact to full-size rental. Another coupon click offers ten percent off a compact to full-size rental.

And what about those hotel discounts? The Radisson Hot Hotel Deals coupons go up to fifty percent off. Who wouldn't want to save half their hotel bill, especially during the holiday gift-giving season? Your travel expenses could go down dramatically, all with a few simple mouse clicks.

Some of the coupons lead to other discount agencies like, but again, never underestimate the affiliate discount factor. Many of the Priceline affiliate online coupons are for specific destinations, which may be quite helpful if you were planning on going there. The discounted air travel could also work as a unique gift! Who wouldn't want a gift ticket to an exciting destination? Further, discounted air travel is something to keep in mind as a gift for the person who has everything.


Of course, some of your travel expenses are not directly related to driving a rental car or flying in airplanes. Is your old, ratty luggage on its last legs? Try using an online coupon to get good discounts on a new set of luggage to replace your old ones. Some coupons will save you up to sixty-five percent, and others are related to how much your final purchase totals up to be; either way, you are saving a nice bit of cash on something you needed to buy. You can use the extra money to save for next year's holiday purchases or indulge in a nice on-the-road treat.

Travel Helpers

Another travel-related purchase is audiobooks. How many times have you longed to have something more to listen to while driving your rental car? There are many online coupons for purchases in great stores like and Your traveling time will fly by with the latest audiobook bestseller, and don't miss the online coupon for the clearances! Up to 80 percent off in some cases.

Coupons are great, but online coupons are even better if you plan you can get your savings delivered to your door in plenty of time for the trip, and what doesn't get sent through the mail, your rental car and airline tickets, you'll pick up at the airport counter. Thanks to the online coupons traveling for the holidays doesn't get any easier.

Where to Eat

Eat like a local. You don’t have to eat from the city’s famous restaurants. Most of them are ‘Tourist Traps,’ which lure anyone willing to spend without thinking twice as they are not familiar with menu prices or affordable eating places. Do your background research; there could be many other eating places that offer tasty meals at a good price, look out for those places the locals frequent.

Bring your snacks. There’s no harm in parking your favorite snacks to eat during the airport waiting time and during your flight. It might seem like a minimal saving, but it might be of a lot more value when you consider the exchange rates of your destination, especially if you’re vacationing in a developing country. Few dollars might buy a lot more stuff.

Phone Calls

Skip the international call plan. If your trip is a business trip, then an international call package from your service provider can come in handy, but on a vacation trip, you don’t need that huge bill. Use other available platforms that can keep you connected with your people back home at no cost or minimal internet costs. For example, apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Skype allow you both text communication, audio, and video, utilize them.


Volunteer or work while you travel. Some organizations and companies offer opportunities where volunteering or work is paired with cozy lodgings and free or highly discounted food. And most of these volunteering activities are for a good cause and not for profit. You can then enjoy the beauty of contributing to a good cause while taking your vacation at an affordable rate.

Research Local Holidays

Know your local holiday calendar. Research your destination country if there are any local events, festivals, or celebrations that draw the natives to over bookings, which might make accommodation expensive or overwhelm other service providers like restaurants, transport means, and so forth.


Negotiate rates directly with the service providers. Ask for the price quotations, make comparisons, and then reach out to the hotel or car rental directly. The ‘middle company’ commissions sometimes are as much as 15%. That’s why most hotels encourage you to book directly from their website.


Get embedded in your vacationing country. If you have any friends or connections in your vacationing place, use them. Most places charge people higher prices if they realize you are not from around, especially when you’re shopping. Go some places with a native friend, or if you have a tour guide ask a little more questions to understand better where to eat, shop, visit at affordable rates. And which places to avoid so to say.


Get a city sightseeing pass. Some cities periodically offer passes at discounted prices and sometimes for free to visit famous landmarks and tourist sites. Find out if there are any offers available so you can utilize them.

Advance Pay

Book or pay for your travel date. At a recent conference I attended, over 200 people from my country were too attend the same. Many people that booked six months before the travel date paid half of the price that people were paying in the last week of the conference. Booking early will save you a lot of dollars.

In conclusion, without a doubt, traveling is a deeply personal experience, different people have different tastes and preferences which influence their choice of destination or the activities. But we both need those ideas that will help us have a great experience that won’t cost us an arm and a leg. I do hope these tips will help you do that.

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