Traveling Abroad With a CPAP Machine

How Do I Use My CPAP Machine While Traveling in Europe or abroad?

First, you need to make sure that your CPAP machine is dual voltage - most are. Just check the power adapter label and look for INPUT AC 100V - 240V (or a variation of that). If that’s there, then you’re set on the voltage end of things. Now, proceed below to finding the right adapter section.

If your CPAP machines power adapter is 120V only, look at the power requirement in W (watts) and see if its less than 200W (most likely it is). CPAP machines with this wattage can pair with the PU-200 travel voltage converter in Europe or abroad.

Finding the Right Adapter


The next step is to find the right adapter. Different countries in Europe have different styles of outlets. Your CPAP machine will most likely have a typical two-prong US plug format, so you’ll need an adapter with at least that type of input and all of the Ceptics travel adapters accept the US plug input.

All of Europe has six different types of outlets: A, C, E/F, G, J, and L.

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